Hoe meer menz lees, hoe groter word die heelal. Hoe meer plek is daar vir nuwe idees. Hoe meer wil menz weet. Hoe meer besef menz dat jy jou eie realiteit en truth skep.

In gister se post het menz gesê menz is die produk van gister. Ja, gister het menz gebring tot hier. Maar nou is menz soos menz nou is, en nie meer soos gister nie. Menz het nou die kans om ander besluite te neem, om ander afdraaie te vat. Om ‘n ander menz te wees. Met dieselfde siel. Nog steeds menz.

You are not—first and foremost I want to tell you that you are not—your past. You are not your yesterdays.

You are not what you did yesterday, what you said yesterday, what you thought yesterday.

A lot of people are going to want you to think that you are your yesterdays. In fact, some
others are going to insist that you be. They will do this because they have a big investment in your continuing to show up that way. For one thing, they can then be “right” about you. For another~. they can then “depend” on you.

When other people see you as “bad,” they don’t want you to change, because they want to
continue being “right” about you. This allows them to justify how they are treating you.
When other people see you as “good,” they don’t want you to change, because they want to continue being able to “depend” on you. This allows them to justify how they expect you to treat them.

What you are invited to do is live in the moment. Create your Self anew in the present
moment. This allows you to separate your Self from your former ideas about you—a remarkable percentage of which are foundationed in other people’s ideas about you.

How can I forget my past? Other people’s ideas about me are based, in part at least, on their experience of me—on my behaviors—in the past. What do I do, just forget that I did those things? Pretend they don’t matter?

Neither. Do not seek to forget your past, seek to change your future.
The worst thing you could do is forget your past. Forget your past and you forget all that it
has to show you, all that it gave you as its gift. Neither pretend that it doesn’t matter. Rather, acknowledge that it does matter—and that, precisely because it does, you have decided not to repeat certain behaviors ever again.

Yet, once you have made that decision, let go of your past. Letting go of it does not mean
forgetting it. It means stopping the holding on, ending the clinging to your past as if you are going to drown without it. You are drowning because of it.

*Conversations with God – Friendship with God – Neale Donald Walsch