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The Way You Clench Your Fists Reveals Interesting Things About Your Personality

1. You clench your fists with your thumb held next to your forefinger.


This type of fist clench reveals a kind and unselfish personality type. While that’s the best way to be, beware that you don’t let others take advantage of your kindness. This personality type is adventurous and open to learning new things.

2. You bend your thumb so that it covers some of your fingers.


This type of fist clench is associated with creative personality types. You’re not afraid to take risks if that means exercising your passion. Whilst this gives you plenty of opportunities for great experiences, it can also get you into trouble now and again. You are born to lead, and people are happy to follow you. Interestingly, this personality type often struggles when it comes to making big decisions.

3. You tuck your thumb beneath your fingers.


This type of fist clench reveals a person with hidden talents and someone that tends to hide their will, passion and reason. All you need is more confidence in order to reveal your talents to others, and maybe even yourself. It’s time to let your inner talents loose and show the world what you’re made of!

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