“… we will learn together how to speak and then to create our truth. For truth is not only merely spoken and reflected upon, it is created. And we are going to ask each of you in this program to look at the four cornerstones of the human experience in the context of your current functioning truth about it. And we’re going to ask you to do it transparently. What is my transparent truth about money? What is my truth about love? What is my truth about sex? What is my truth about God?

Then we’re going to ask you to look at, having identified your truth and spoken it to yourself and perhaps to others, maybe to us in this room; does this truth work for me? Is it providing me a platform from which I can create an experience the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about who I am? If it is, bravo! If it is not, or to the degree that there is still a bit further we can go in the creation of that vision; to that degree we will then invite you to create a new truth. To hold a new reality. To move into a new and grander experience to recreate yourself anew. In the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are.

And why go through all of that? Why even bother with it? That’s why we came here. That’s why we’re on the planet. That’s what the whole shooting match is all about.

This isn’t about getting through the week, paying the mortgage, putting a few bucks aside for the grand kids. This isn’t about hailing the phone bill, keeping the relationship together, keeping the job, getting the job. This isn’t about this experience called life, what so many people have allowed it to be about. Your life has nothing to do with what you’re doing, and everything to do with what you’re being. Because you are not a human doing, you are a human being. And if you’re not being what you’re being from the place of your biggest and grandest truth, then what’s going on? What’s the point of it? And I tell you this: if you don’t come from this place sooner than later, you will ask that question at the end of your life. I promise you.

My father at 82 looked me square in the eye and said what is the point of it? That’s a very sad question to ask yourself at the age of 82. What’s the point of it?

But it’s not an uncommon one, because so few of us really know who we really are.”

  • The Heart of Truth Seminar – Neale Donald Walsch