… of verstaan.

Hierdie lysie vat nogal raak:

10 things every woman over 40 should know:

1. A good $40 push-up bra will give you the same look as a $15,000 boob job.

2. At our age, buns (of steel) and six-pack (abs) belong on your grocery list.

3. Most men have a hard time listening to your ‘girlfriend stories’ (the kind of long, detailed stories you tell your girlfriends). If you feel the need to tell your guy a girlfriend story, give him just the highlights.

4. Always use condoms, or you may end up sleeping with all the women your ex husband slept with.

5. Guys like a woman who makes the first move. But don’t confuse initiative with being a bitch.

6. Your girlfriends will always be your girlfriends. They know too much.

7. Don’t talk about your ex-husband on the first date, and always have condoms in your purse.

8. Don’t be surprised if the woman your husband left you for comes crying on your shoulder after he left her for another woman. Life is better than any soap opera.

9. The three most important things you should look for in a guy are: Does he have a job? A car? Good teeth?

10. A woman should never dump her girlfriends for her guy.

And an extra bonus one, the most important one, the one that all of my girlfriends and I live by every day: A true woman doesn’t need a guy to take care of her, but she would love to meet a guy who would care about her.

10 things every man 0ver 40 should know:

1. A “cougar” refers to other women, not the ones you want to date.

2. Gravity, childbirth and years of nursing babies will move everything three inches below where it was originally placed.

3. Once a woman is by herself, she either learns how to do all the “guy stuff” by herself or she calls one of her guy friends for help. My point is, you ARE replaceable, dear.

4. If a woman likes you, she won’t wait for you to make the move. But don’t confuse that with being a cougar.

5. When a woman tells you one of her “girlfriend stories,” be attentive, even if you have to pretend. It will earn you extra points.

6. When girlfriends get together, they do talk about their men and about sex. Just remember that the next time you meet the girlfriends.

7. A woman who failed the first test (of marriage) will study harder for it the second time.

8. Don’t bitch to your girlfriend about your ex (wife or girlfriend), as it will give her a clue of what you’ll say about her when you are no longer together.

9. A good deodorant goes a long way. But you are not in France, so don’t shower with your cologne (but please do take shower).

10. Forget about the “three days rule.” No, we won’t think you are pathetically eager, we would love you to call us the next day.

As an extra bonus, the most important, the one rule that all my girlfriends and I live by: A truly good woman is not looking for a guy to make her happy, but would love to have a guy who can add to her happiness.


Menz werk nog aan menz se eie lysie.