Holy cow!!


A few days ago, I read an article about love and security market line. It’s about how to see a love life using management method. The writer is a management’s student at UI, that’s why the article using management method. So, as a computer-control’s student at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology I want to share our method about saying love.

In my first year, I’ve learned about binary code, and ascii. Binary code only consist of “0” and “1”. And each decimal number has a different binary code. Those binary code can be converted into decimal (as a 1-100,etc), octal (only using 0-7), and hexadecimal (using 0-9 and A-F) notation. Binary code, decimal notation, and hexadecimal notation also represent ascii code. Ascii code is a numerical representation of some characters, number, and alphabets in Computer Interface. So, it means when we type a letter in our computer, the…

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