… as hierdie een nie gewerk het nie. Menz glo in reinkarnasie en menz glo in die ewige lewe na hierdie een op aarde. Gisteraand het menz die volgende raak gelees in “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”.


Death gives you a fresh start just like sleep does. We don’t usually think of death as a start, but that’s what it is. Whatever so-called mistakes you’ve made, it doesn’t matter now, because there’s always another chance, another lifetime even, to try something different. And don’t worry. So-called mistakes are okay. They’re just part of the deal.


Before each soul comes to earth, it’s own personal edition of the Book of Life is written. Life on your planet is about dramas that change you. Isn’t it funny that most people are scared of change, when changing is the double fudge frosting on top of the cake of life?

And although much of your life is planned out, there’s a lot of freedom inside that plan. The circumstances are like lines in a kid’s coloring book, but instead of ink the lines are penciled in; they’re erasable. As you color the spaces, you influence the lines.

En daar het jy dit. Hierdie idees het menz al soveel keer raak gelees en dit vibreer in menzsesiel.